Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Orcas in the inlet!

On Sunday evening West Coast Aquatic Safaris staff got a special trip out to the inlets. Orcas had been spotted up Fortune Channel and Keith didn't want to miss an opportunity to see them! So we all hopped onto WASCO for an evening cruise up the inlets. We weren't disappointed! We found a male and female orca swimming through together. Eva got some great photos from the front bow of WASCO.

The orcas were seen swimming a straight line but they suddenly changed direction. We watched as they circled an unseen prey under the water for several minutes. The male orca disappeared for longer periods of time as the female circled closer to the surface of the water. They both disappeared under water for some time for what we can assume was for eating. They then turned and continued on their original route. Everyone at West Coast Aquatic Safaris was thrilled with finding the orcas and having the opportunity to be out on WASCO. Always a great trip!

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