Saturday, May 30, 2009

California Sea Lion up close!

Ellie and West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests got a treat today on the way down to WASCO for a whale watch. There was a California sea lion right off the dock again today! The sea lion was diving down and coming up to the surface for air. The sea lion was happily rolling around in the water and even managed to find a crab! Our guests were able to get a good close look at the visitor before heading out for their whale watch with Jeff. Want to see the sea lion? Click here and see the video on YouTube! Ellie was very happy to see another sea lion so close up!

West Coast Aquatic Safaris had some great trips today. Our 12:30 bear watch was able to see 3 different black bears! Our whale watches got to see gray whales and humpbacks today! It has been about a week since we last saw a humpback but Jeff found them breaching just off of Long Beach this afternoon. The weather has been amazing here these past few days and we are hoping it holds out! Great time to head out whale and bear watching if you have some time!

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