Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dog love

Here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris we are always telling you about all the great animals you will see while out on WASCO here in Tofino. What we forget to mention is the great animals right here in the office at Fourth and Main eager to say hello! Henry and Juliet are important members of the West Coast Aquatic Safaris team and we think they deserve some blog time!

Henry is Keith's little boy and he has grown quite a bit since last summer! He loves running and is always happy to say hello to all the guests coming in. You can either see Henry running the length of Chesterman Beach or hanging out in the office resting up for his next big walk.

Juliet is Ellie's little puppy and she is always happy to say hello. You can typically find her out on the front porch on sunny days waiting to greet anyone who passes by. And if you have the right treats she would be happy to dance for you! She also loves walking our guests down to WASCO and is happy to lead the way down to Fourth Street dock!

Here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris we are a dog friendly environment and invite you to stop in and say hi. The dogs (and our staff!) will be happy to see you!

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