Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whales whales whales!!!

A beautiful sunny day here in Tofino and to top it off some great trips out on WASCO! West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests were treated to some great whale sightings! They were able to see 7 different humpbacks today. These humpbacks were launching, jumping and breaching. Our guests got a great show!! They were even able to see two humpbacks do a breach at the same time! We also spotted a gray whale in the morning trip as well. So there was lots of activity with the whales today!

Keith, one of the drivers of WASCO was able to collect krill just by reaching out off WASCO so the guests could get a closer look. Guests were also able to see herrings eat the krill just off the surface. There were lots of sea lions out today as well. All of the guests returning to our office were thrilled by the trips and the amazing sightings.

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