Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot Springs!

It was the perfect day for a trip to the hot springs on WASCO. The weather today was overcast and a bit chilly but it made the hot springs that much more enjoyable! West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests were able to enjoy a cool breeze while staying toasty warm in the hot springs. Some of our guests went even higher up in the springs and found the really hot spots to relax!

Keith was driving WASCO today and certainly didn't mind spending a few hours up at the hot springs with the guests. He always enjoys the opportunity to relax in between trips! Here are a few tips if you decide to come out to Tofino and take the trip up to the hot springs with West Coast Aquatic Safaris:

-Pack a lunch and water! This is a full day trip so be sure you have snacks (no glass please).
-Bring a change of clothes so that you have warm, dry clothes for the trip home.
-A pair of water shoes for the springs can come in handy as it can be slippery

We hope you can join us for a hot springs tour out on WASCO. It's a great ride on WASCO and a wonderful experience once you are there!

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