Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's official

It's been a full week of humpbacks! Keith was driving WASCO today and he caught up with the humpbacks just out at Sea Otter rock today. They were seen breaching and West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests got a great show! Since opening our doors in March there hasn't been such a long streak of humpback sightings until this week! Just look at our whiteboard that we have outside our office! It gives you all the details of what we have been seeing every day.

We are starting to see things pick up here in Tofino! This weekend is the Edge to Edge Marathon and there are a lot of trained runners here getting ready for the big day tomorrow. West Coast Aquatic Safaris wishes all of those participants in tomorrows run all the best. Hopefully the weather will clear up and it will be a sunny day for everyone involved.

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