Friday, June 5, 2009

Cooling down

Well after a week of great weather things had to eventually take a turn. West Coast Aquatic Safaris staff enjoyed standing on our front porch chatting with customers while getting some sun. The sun was out today but cooler winds have come in. It is actually a nice relief from the hot weather we have been experiencing.

Despite the cooler weather WASCO had some great trips today. Our bear watch got nice and close to a couple of bears. The black bears are not bothered by the boats as there are always various boats going through the inlets. So they are happy to keep looking for crabs under the rocks even with an audience. We also had some gray whale spottings and harbor seal sightings as well. One of the gray whales was a familiar face in the water for many of the drivers out there. He has a white face and has been seen in the Tofino waters before. Always good to see some familiar faces!

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