Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rain and Orcas

As forecasted today is a rainy day! West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests really appreciate the Helly Hansen waterproof jackets and heated indoor cabin on days like today. This rain is expected to only last today and we are back to sunshine tomorrow! Oscar, Ellie's golden retriever has been exceptionally lazy on this rainy day and has made very little effort to move or greet most people. Sometimes the rain has that effect!

Luckily for our guests who did get up and out on this rainy day there was plenty to see today. Cow Bay was kindly referred to as "whale soup" with a large pod of gray whales found feeding there. Orcas were also found today. There was a pod of them moving through our waters since early this morning. They were first spotted off of Chesterman Beach right near the Wickanninish. So if you don't mind getting a bit wet today is a great day to go out on WASCO and see some whales and orcas!

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