Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fuel is on the rise

As the fuel prices continue to rise West Coast Aquatic Safaris has had to make the difficult decision to add a fuel surcharge. This will be added to the cost of the trip and will vary depending on the price of fuel. Our current rate will be 7% but that will change as the gas prices go up and down. This fuel surcharge will be implemented as of June 7th.

When thinking of the extra cost for fuel please also keep in mind that it's the fuel that keeps WASCO going and WASCO is what makes all of the trips with West Coast Aquatic Safaris so fun!! We had an exciting bear watch this morning. Our guests saw a gray wolf walking along the mudflats. They also got up close to some big black bears. Our whale watch was exciting with orcas being seen again just off Hippie Point. Our guests got some great views of these whales as they swam through the waters. Gray whales were also seen along the way home. Lots of wildlife to see and experience.

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