Saturday, June 20, 2009

The difference a day makes

A common question that staff get here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris is what the weather forecast is! Of course people want to plan ahead and pick the best day for whale watching/bear watching. If there is one thing that we always emphasize here at the office is that the weather forecast can change every two hours here! The forecast for today was gray and rainy. But to our pleasant surprise the sun came out! And of course it can also work in reverse and start sunny but change to rain. So when booking for a whale or bear watch one thing to consider is that the weather forecast may not be accurate. This is why WASCO is a good option. We have the seating outside for those days when you want the sun and wind in your hair. And on those rainy days our Helly Hansen jackets work well if you would prefer be outside too. Our heated indoor cabin gives our customers a place to warm up and still have a great viewing experience. The best of both worlds for the every changing weather in Tofino!

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