Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost a week of humpbacks

It has been a busy week here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris. There have been lots of whale sightings and we are happy to say that we have seen humpbacks all week long! We have been seeing a mother humpback and her calf several times this week. Today we saw a humpback doing lunges on our 12:30 trip. This is the first time this season that humpbacks have been spotted so regularly and we are happy to have them back!

Straitwatch came to Tofino and Ucluelet area to pay all of the whale watching companies a visit. We were happy to have them! They monitor marine activity and provide guidelines for responsible whale viewing. We greatly appreciate all the information they provided us at West Coast Aquatic Safaris as we also understand it is important not to disturb the whales and to enjoy these amazing animals from an appropriate distance. So come out and enjoy a ride out on WASCO and see all the humpbacks that have been here all week.

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