Friday, June 19, 2009

It really is a dog's life!

Here at West Coast Aquatic Safaris we are a dog friendly environment and staff bring their furry friends to keep them company at work. Customers love the greetings as Juliet is always eager to give kisses and expects that everyone coming in wants to say hello. Henry treats everyone as his long lost best friend and will regularly go into full body wiggles when greeting people coming in to the shop. Oscar, who is visiting for a couple of weeks, is a little more laid back but is always sure to pick up a toy and bring everyone a gift. It's a retriever thing.

So when the customers are not around the two out of three of the dogs take this opportunity to really relax. Oscar routinely heads out to the front porch to people watch and sleep. Juliet is a big fan of her bed and always finds odd ways to settle in. Henry likes to spend his free time running. It's not too often that Henry can sit still with all that puppy energy. So he is often headed to the beach after a short stint of greeting duties at the office. These are happy dogs here! Be sure to come in to our office and say hi!

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