Friday, April 30, 2010

Whales Unlimited

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has been having quite a good streak for seeing whales lately. Just about every day for the last couple of weeks we have been able to find a number of Grey Whales. Today was no different. We had a couple of Grey's out towards Long Beach in the morning and as the day moved on and the weather began to change WASCO and the group headed back inside to more sheltered, calm waters to find a couple different Grey Whales. Along the way the group made a run by Plover Reefs to see about 300 Seals lounging out on the rocks in the rain.

For a change tomorrow we have decided to head out to Hot Springs Cove to give people a chance to Soak in the springs and of coarse take every opportunity to see what we can along the way. For those of you that may be visiting Tofino our our website for the first time please feel free to look back at our Blog over the last year and see what types of things people have been seeing at what times of the year.

If you have already been out with us this year we would really like to see your photos. Please send us your best, funniest or most bazaar moment captured on film while on one of our trips and you just might win the photo of the week contest. All winners receive one of our West Coast Aquatic Safaris Travel mugs as a trophy. You never know just what will be the winning photo until you see it on our website.

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