Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our weather has been spectacular over the last couple of days. There has also been no lack of incredible wildlife to be seen from WASCO's 3 viewing decks. In the last two days we have been very fortunate to see both Orcas and Grey whales feeding out towards Long Beach. A little more locally there have been several Humpbacks not too far from the Tofino Harbour. We are entering the time of year now when there are typically more and more Humpbacks entering the area and it is always very exciting. We have also seen a few Black Bears in the area in the last week and are really looking forward to starting to offer a daily bear watching tour. Keep your eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for departure time during the period of you visit.

As our season begins to heat up and there is more and more activity in town and on the ocean it becomes more and more important to make your arrangements in advance. While West Coast Aquatic Safaris does offer several departures per day however with WASCO being the ideal vessel for families and children of all ages it can fill up quite quickly. For your convenience our office is available to take reservations by phone after hours or you can always book online and save 10% doing so.

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