Friday, April 9, 2010

The weather has been spectacular in Tofino today. We began the morning with a little snow on the ground but the sun was shining and the air was getting warm. There happened to be Grey whales everywhere today. Some of the most interesting were a pair that were located near Tonquin Beach which is the closest beach to town. The two Grey whales spent there time rubbing against the sand bar and were in no rush to go anywhere. We were also fortunate to have another lone Grey whale pass right through the Tofino harbour and could almost be seen from the West Coast Aquatic Safaris office and another lone Humpback just off of Plover Reef which is usually well known for the high concentration of Seal Lions that Gather there. It is great to have such a perfect day in spring with whales that are as cooperative as this.

Having a full boat today there was real benefit to the additional viewing decks that WASCO has to offer. Having room for six passengers at a time to ride up top, almost ten feet above sea level makes for an ideal spot to get the best photos possible. For those that want to feel they are as close as possible to the whales, WASCO's full walk around bow deck is spacious and when the whales are close can feel like you are right on top of them. Of course even on the perfect day in Tofino it is still nice to have the option to pop back inside and warm up with the dry diesel heater that keeps the windows free of moisture and warms you to the bones.

With weather this great and having the best boat in town it is important to make sure you make your reservations in advance. While there is often room for last minute bookings, making your reservations online at least 24 hours in advance will ensure there is room for the entire family. Visit our website for all the details, departure times and the chance to save 10% for booking online.

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