Friday, April 2, 2010

The perfect family outing for Easter weekend. Whale watching With West Coast Aquatic Safaris is a great way to spend a part of the day. It is an exciting informative experience with non stop action from start to finish. Whether it is 200 Stellar Sea Lions on Berryman Point, Orca's finding a meal, a playful Sea Otter doing the backstroke or a Breaching Humpback, WASCO is the best boat in the harbour to take it all in. Our captains are very knowledgeable and highly skilled on the ocean. The boat's cabin is heated and equipped with a bathroom and satellite radio for your comfort. With a full walk around bow deck and flying bridge that can accommodate 6 passengers at a time there is no better way to get photos and memories to last a lifetime. Visit our website to see our rates for each of your family members. View our departure times on Facebook or call the shop for details. Reservations can be made after hours at your convenience.

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