Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Seals are just hangin out or hangin on

It is a beautiful and sunny day in Tofino with strong winds. It was a great day to be on the water, looking for adventure. We experienced swell up to about 3 meters today with some wind chop on top of that. Our group of veteran Whale Watchers didn't seem to mind at all as everyone was smiling from ear to ear at the time of return. Even though the choppy waters can make spotting the Whales more of a challenge it can also enhance the photos taken.

This photo is from Sam Cooper who was with us aboard WASCO back on April 9th. Conditions were similar to today and he has done an excellent job at capturing a group of seals enjoying the sun on a blustery spring day.

I would like to encourage more of our visitors to send in photos for our photo of the week contest. The winners will receive one of our West Coast Aquatic Safaris Travel Mugs as a trophy and have their photo uploaded to our website for all to see. If you have a photo or two that you have been holding onto please forward them to us as it is also great to see how the trip looked through your lens. View our past winners to see what shots have claimed the prize in the past and perhaps you will be there soon.

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