Friday, March 19, 2010

The sound of Orcas

Yesterday was my first chance of the season to get out on the water. As the group returned to the West Coast Aquatic Safaris office at 3pm, they were so excited about all that they had seen. Word had spread pretty quickly around the airwaves that the local waters were filled with whales. And when I say local, I mean only fifteen minutes of travel before we had the Orcas off WASCO's starboard side. Keith and I had jumped on board and run out just past the Leonard Island lighthouse. With a very large Bull on our starboard, a cow several calves on our port side the day was going to wrap up perfectly. The whales were active and chatty. Keith took the time to place the hydrophone in the water and with no other boats around we heard all kinds of wonderful sounds. For me this was like nothing I had experienced before. It was my first time to actually have Orcas so close that I could hear a clear hallow puff of air as they broached the surface and spouted a cool ocean mist high into the air. To make it even better, the sound of them communicating below the water was unbelievable and with my eyes closed it was better then any National Geographic film. The seas were gentle, the sun was warm and I wished that everyone I knew could experience that feeling at least once. Thanks Keith!

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