Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Humpback in town

The past couple of days in Tofino the weather has been very mixed but the whales have been consistent. Yesterday and Monday there were many Grey whales to be seen as well as a few Sea Otters and Sea Lions. Today we were fortunate to have a couple more Greys however there was also a Humpback that was sighted. This is exciting as the last time WASCO and the crew saw a Humpback was about a week ago.

Keith has headed off to Calgary to represent West Coast Aquatic Safaris at the Calgary Outdoor Adventure Show. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for your chance to win free tickets to the show.

Today has been nice a sunny with a few clouds and I am envious of all of the folks that are enjoying the sun from WASCO's upper viewing deck and with the seas as calm as they Hopefully they are hearing the whales with the help of our hydrophone. Take advantage of the sunny weather and don't miss our next tour.

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