Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There is really no other way to describe today other than truly amazing. There was almost non stop activity from Grey whales, Orcas, Sea Lions and eagles. One individual stated, "I don't think there was anything else we could have possible seen today".

At one point Jeff, our Captain reported that there were small groups of Orcas with 3 or 4 in each, on all sides of WASCO. Even when Jeff tried to move on to view other sea life, there continued to be more groups of whales popping up everywhere. I was forced to look at the calendar to see when the 24th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival begins because it seems as though someone forgot to let the whales know that it begins on March 6th.

We certainly are not complaining as this has been a real treat and there are sure to be many more days like this one. Have a look a our website to see what trips and times will best fit your schedule. Book early to beat the crowds and doing so online will save you 10%.

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