Thursday, March 25, 2010

Orcas in the Harbour

Today was a great day. It was quiet around town and the weather seemed to change every fifteen minutes but there was lots to see and from WASCO's heated cabin it didn't matter. We started out the day with a pair of Orcas in the Harbour which eventually made their way up nearby Browning Passage. After a bit we headed out towards Leonard Island Lighthouse and picked up several Grey whales headed up the coast. Tomorrow is now looking as though it will be quite nice and with a little luck the two Orcas will be close by and the seas will be gentle again.

The Calgary Outdoor Adventure Show begins tomorrow and Keith is there now with a handful of free passes as well as a handful of by one get one free passes. All you need to do is become a fan of West Coast Aquatic Safaris on Facebook and you will be eligible. If you don't live in Calgary, tell your friends, family or their friends that do live in Calgary to go on our website, follow the link to our Facebook page and become a fan and wait for the chance to to collect the tickets.

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