Thursday, September 24, 2009

Triple header!

It was a busy day on the water yesterday. While Jeff was driving WASCO on a bear watch they came across orcas! It was a great find and they watched the orcas swimming circling for food. It was an unexpected find as they were working their way around Meares Island!

With an orca spotting so early on in the day our 12:30 whale watch trip headed straight out to find them again. They were lucky and the orcas were still around and still hunting. West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests got to watch these killer whales for quite some time. Then Jeff took them to the outside waters to see more whales! They found gray whales and humpback whales out there and officially made the trip a triple header! And as well as all of the whales that were seen, Steller Sea Lions were out on the rocks and a sea otter was seen bobbing in the water. It was an amazing day out on the water for all of our trips.

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