Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still feels like summer!

Well the rush of peak season is over but the weather still feels like it is August! September in Tofino is a great time. The weather is still warm but there is less crowds and still lots to do! West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests have been enjoying rides out on WASCO to view all of the different whales and the black bears are still coming out.

Yesterday there were lots and lots of gray whales to view! Our guests got quite a show while out on WASCO. The low tide bear watch trips have been great including another sighting of gray wolves. These often very elusive animals have now been spotted twice in a short span of time. The sea lions are still out on the rocks and the sea otters can be found bobbing out in the ocean. So even though the summer is technically over it is actually a great time for that vacation!

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