Monday, September 28, 2009

Orcas again!

More orcas were seen today from WASCO! Keith was able to catch up with a pod of four orcas found earlier in the morning. West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests were able to get some really good looks at these killer whales as they seemed to be on the hunt. Also seen today were gray whales! They were seen feeding and tail fluking. Keith was also spotted a California sea lion. So our guests were able to see lots!

With October close upon us we have changed our schedule slightly. We are no longer offering bear watches as there have been less and less sightings. The black bears have headed into the rivers for fish to fatten up for winter! So our new schedule will be:

10:00 Hot Springs
10:30 Whale Watch
1:30 Whale Watch
4:30 Whale Watch

We hope you have some time to come out. The air is crisp but the sun is still shining!

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