Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Much To See

This past week has been truly excellent the weather and sea conditions have been absolutely ideal and there seems to be an endless amount of things to see. Yesterday in the morning WASCO and our group witnessed a cow and her two bear cubs on the beach enjoying a morning meal when along came four wolves looking for one of their own. The mother bear quickly sent her cubs up a nearby tree for safety and sent a very clear message to the wolves that they were all to be left alone. In the afternoon we were lucky to find many whales up towards Long Beach and again in Cow Bay. West Coast Aquatic Safaris and our guest were just as fortunate today. This morning again there were more bears with cubs and many more Grey Whales feeding in around Cow Bay.

The Victoria day weekend is now rapidly approaching and our schedules are starting to fill up. While visiting our you will find all of our scheduled departure times and can make your reservation online. Doing so in advance will not only guarantee that you and your family have the best possible experience at the time that works best for you but it will also save you 10 %

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