Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its been another exciting day out here on the West Coast. Even the weather hasn't been too bad. The air is warm, the rain comes and goes, and the animals have been abundant.
This morning on our 7am Bear Watch, our guests were thrilled to catch a pair of mother Black Bears and their cubs. One lucky Mom had 3 cubs! You definitely don't get to see that everyday and not to mention rare.
Later on, on our journey up to Hot Spring Cove, we were lucky enough to catch sight of a Bear, combing the beach for an afternoon snack, as well as a migrating Grey and Humpback. That is all our trips rolled into one. You cant get much luckier than that. This Afternoon, on our Whale Watch, guests were able to catch up to a pod of 7 Orca. One male, a small calf and 5 females. Its not everyday we catch a glimps of these transient mammals, but when we do, you can't help but feel that surge of joy and think "This is why we came here."
Special Thanks to Kevin Sansalone from Whistler BC for sending in this incredible shot of a mother and her roughly 2week old calf. They were able to spot the duo last Tuesday, on their trip aboard Wasco.
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