Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympic Torch has found its way into Vancouver today in time for the opening ceremonies of the 2010 winter Olympics. Oddly enough Keith just happens to be passing through Vancouver today en route to the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, which starts Feb 26th. This seems convenient. There has been people coming into the office today looking to get out on the water for the first glimpse of the Grays, Humpbacks or perhaps even an Orca. We are still a bit early as WASCO is not quite in the water yet. After speaking with the folks at Rod's Power and Marine today, we are happy that things are on Schedule and Jeff will be at the helm to take her out for the first trip of the season on February 26th. Keep in mind that if you book online you will receive 10% off the price. We have also been busy working out some great new ideas and specials for this year so watch us on Facebook or Twitter for upcoming promotions.

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