Saturday, February 13, 2010

Energy in the Air!

The staff at West Coast Aquatic Safaris have been feeding off the weather's energy over the last few days. Tofino has been having wild storms - with the wind howling like the wolves on Vargas Island and rain watering our forests. It is like mother nature is waking us up and giving us energy for the 2010 Pacific Whale Festival! Don't But don't let us at West Coast Aquatic Safaris allow you to forget that tomorrow is Valentines Day! Several days of sun showing on the long range forecast, including February 26th, WASCO's first day back at work. The toughest decision now is, how to spend the sunny hays ahead? Perhaps a surf at Chesterman's Beach or a nice long walk down Long Beach. But get yourselves ready for our 2010 season and come have a good visit with sea lions and gray whales aboard WASCO! Feel free to come by or to call West Coast Aquatic Safaris and get on the list for the best place to be on the sea.

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