Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winters here...

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has not been going up to the Hot Springs for the last few days the weather has not let us. Storms have kept WASCO tied to the dock. However, the forecast looks to be getting better for the weekend... it looks to be clearing up, hove a look at our Five Day Forecast provided by Environment Canada. Another great site to see Tofino's ocean and surf forecast is Magic Seaweed.

The dark and overcast days provide a perfect environment to soak in the springs allowing deep relaxation. This is the time of year that local Tofitian go to the springs to relax after a busy Spring, Summer and Fall season. Some Tofitian then get ready to hibernate away the winter, while others plan their winter surf safaris anywhere from Chesterman Beach to the South Pacific.

Keep in contact with West Coast Aquatic Safaris to follow our schedule and watch our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out about deals for the 2010 Season.

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