Saturday, November 28, 2009

End of the Season

Well this weekend it is official. West Coast Aquatic Safaris will be closing our doors tomorrow for the winter. There have not been any gray whale sightings in the past week and it looks as though they have headed to warmer waters down in Mexico. Our office will be closed as of tomorrow and we will reopen March 1st just in time to welcome the gray whales back!

Staff are looking forward to a quiet winter with lots of rest. You will be able to find Keith surfing the waves and Jeff is expecting a new addition to his family in January!! As for myself (Ellie) I will be enjoying my first Tofino winter with Juliet and I am looking forward to some good storm watching. Over the winter months Keith will be updating the blog. So with this being my last blog of 2009 I just wanted to say thank you for reading! It has been a pleasure writing the blog and great to meet some of my blog readers this summer! I look forward to more blogging in the 2010 season. Keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter this winter for great deals on next seasons trips and great giveaways!!

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