Sunday, October 11, 2009

A surprise guest!

West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests were surprised on Friday with a minke whale stopping by and breaching for everyone on board WASCO. There have only been a handful of sightings of minke sightings this season and this is the first active one for West Coast Aquatic Safaris. And the wildlife viewings just keep on coming! Humpback whales have been seen everyday and gray whales as well. The sea otters have been seen bobbing around in the ocean and the sea lions have been spotted out on the rocks. We have even been seeing some bald eagles! Typically there are less around this time of year as they follow the black bears to the rivers sometimes to catch the fish the bears are catching. But there have still been some around and we were happy to see them on our trips.

Our guests are enjoying a hot soak in the hot springs today. Humpback whales were seen on the way up and gray whales were seen in Cow Bay on the way home. So in addition to a great soak in the springs they got to see lots of wildlife as well.

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