Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot Springs is where it's at!

Well the weather has gotten cooler here in Tofino. So when you come to visit West Coast Aquatic Safaris recommends a relaxing soak in the hot springs as a great trip! It is the trip that combines it all. Our trips have been seeing whales on the way up and back from the hot springs including humpbacks and grays. We have also been lucky and got to see sea lions out on the rocks and sea otters bobbing in the water. With great scenery all the way up and back it is a trip that is hard to beat! When you arrive at the hot springs you have a walk along a boardwalk up to the springs and then plenty of time to soak and enjoy. And what better way to enjoy the cooler weather than to soak in a natural hot springs!! Our trips leave everyday at 10:00. We hope you will make the time for this trip as it is an unforgettable experience!

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