Thursday, August 13, 2009


The sun finally came out yesterday and is trying its best to show up today too! West Coast Aquatic Safaris was busy with lots of people stopping by the office. Staff enjoyed walking the guests down to WASCO and getting a bit of sunshine along the way. Juliet made a point of spending most of the day on the front porch basking in the sunshine.

Yesterday our guests were very happy to see some black bears up close while out on WASCO. The bear watching tours typically require a pretty low tide in order to encourage the bears to come out to the shoreline to look for crabs. Yesterday was our last bear watch for a few days. The tides sometimes just don't work and unfortunately for the next few days the low tide is not very low at all. So if you want to go on a bear watch we would reccommend taking a trip with us on Monday. The tides are much better for viewing then!

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