Thursday, August 20, 2009

Humpbacks and a Sunfish!

The last few days West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests have been enjoying seeing the humpback whales down at Long Beach. It is not too often that the humpbacks can be found at the same spot for several days in a row. So we have really been lucky to have them there. They have been doing a lot of breaching, tail fluking and fin slapping and our guests have been getting some amazing photos.

Another fun surprise our guests had on a whale watch yesterday was the opportunity to see a sunfish! This is the first one we have seen this season and our guests were fascinated by this 5 foot long fish! Jeff who was driving WASCO was able to get some great photos of this unusual looking fish and we have posted all of them on our Flickr!

More orcas have been seen today as well. Despite the high winds our guests have been enjoying some great sightings as a pod of six orcas have been passing through. We hope to see you soon!

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