Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ocean Was Like "Whale Soup"

It was "Whale Soup" in Tofino's waters yesterday (just packed with whales)! One of West Coast Aquatic Safaris' captains, Keith spotted around 20 Gray Whales as he was piloting WASCO on a trip yesterday. A passenger aboard WASCO today counted 17 backs, 9 tails, and 6 blows of the North Pacific Gray Whale on the 12:30pm trip!

It's one day closer to the Pacific Rim Whale Festival and you can feel the energy in the air. The Pacific Rim Whale Fest magazine was delivered to the office. Feel free to swing by our office, 101A Fourth Street, Tofino, BC and grab a complimentary issue!

West Coast Aquatic Safaris received new photos by Jeremy Koreski and is excited to have them up. The new ones consist of surf of the west coast. However, other photographs taken by Jeremy shown at the office are of local wildlife.

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