Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots going on in the office!

It's a beautiful day in Tofino here today, sun, sun, sun! We had a hospitality cruise go out this afternoon with people working in local restaurants and resorts, and everyone had a great time. Keith and everyone else on WASCO cruised out around Vargas Island to watch a few different groups of Gray Whales, about a dozen eagles, and sea lions! They also got to go visit Lenard light, the lighthouse where our logo comes from. We are just waiting for our new stickers to come in the mail any day now, but we are happy to be completely Transport Canada Safety Certified. Everyone at West Coast Aquatic Safaris is getting super excited for The Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival, and all the festivities that come with it..chowder chow down, martini migration, and the tug-of-whale!

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