Friday, July 31, 2009

Orcas on the hunt

Another amazing day out on the water today. West Coast Aquatic Safaris guests had quite the show from transient orcas passing through our waters. Our 3:30 trip got to see the orcas hunting sea lions. Orcas are known for not killing their prey right away and are often seen "playing" with it before. The guests aboard WASCO saw this orca behaviour and were able to see these incredible hunters in action.

Our 6:30 whale watch had a great show from humpbacks with lots of breach and tail fluking. And they were also able to catch up with the orcas! The orcas were spy hopping, breaching and tail fluking. They then began their hunting again and our guests got to see the orcas heading towards Long Beach where the sea lions are typically found. It was an amazing day out on the water with lots of activity. Some of these photos are posted on our website. To see all of the pictures go to our Flickr page!

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