Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Ellie and Juliet

West Coast Aquatic Safaris
is excited to welcome our newest staff and her dog to our little town of Tofino. Ellie has done extensive visiting to Tofino and finally made the jump across our diverse country and moved from the "Big City" of Toronto, Ontario to the "Beautiful Serenity" of Tofino, British Columbia. As mentioned she came with her her little dog, Juliet. Often at West Coast Aquatic Safaris you will see either Juliet or her partner in crime Henry.

Don't worry Ellie may be new to living in this area, but her own sense of enthusiasm and the help of our staff she is already getting to know the town and the water quite well!


  1. Yes! There are some other amazing photos here in our office...definitely worth stopping by to see when you are in town!