Monday, February 23, 2009

Whale Festival in Maui - What a Great Day!

Keith had a wonderful day at the 29th Maui Whale Festival! It was full of fun, music, art, education, and more all to do with the humpback whale. Seen on the right is a photo taken by Keith. It was an exhibition containing Origami Whales from all over the world. Peggy Oki an environmentalist and and artist has taken these whales and linked them together forming the pavilion maze of threaded paper whales. Each whale looks similar from a far, but when you take a look at them you realize that each whale is different.
Another outstanding booth Keith found on Whale Day in Maui was The Whalesong Project - Voices from the Sea. At this booth you could listen to live humpback communication that is available for all of us to enjoy by going to The Whalesong Project - Voices from the Sea website. Sam David from Whale Trance a musical artist who Keith met at that booth sold his CD that uses recorded whale songs and compliments them with his didgeridoo.
This was just two of the amazing attractions Keith found on this awesome day at the 29th Maui Whale Festival.

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